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Akai CR-83D stereo 8-track player/recorder
Akai CR-83D stereo 8-track player/recorder

Akai CR-83D 

8-Track Cartridge Stereo Tape Deck (1976-77) SOLD

In excellent cosmetic and working condition (with new belts), the Akai CR-83D is an 8-track, 2-channel stereo system featuring automatic stop, continuous play and easy tape counting.  These are rare and highly collectible tape decks...

The combination head employed in the CR-83D is coated with a special substance for a super smooth finish to which dust will not adhere. Thus, head cleaning is minimized and longer head life is assured.

As an added convenience, this model features fast forward for rapid selection of tape programs and a pause control for temporary suspension of playback, or convenient tape editing.

The beautiful silver faceplate is very clean, all lights and meters are functioning and it has a real walnut veneer case.  Well made and heavy for its size, Akai was well known for their high quality tape decks and this one is no exception.

A copy of the owner's manual and original brochure are included.

About Akai...

For over 80 years and still going strong, AKAI has proven itself to be one of the premier sources of vision and innovation for consumer electronics. Founded in 1929, Tokyo, Japan, AKAI has engaged in offering quality home entertainment products specializing in the audio and video arenas. Akai also manufacturers studio electronics such as mixers, keyboards, studio monitors, etc.