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Mid-February 2018 East
  Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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                                       A collection of fine vintage stereo equipment                                     510 Rutherford St. Greenville SC 29609
(across street from WYFF)
Hours: Mon~Friday  Noon to 6pm
Saturday 10AM~3pm / Sunday Noon ~3pm
  (864) 238-1102

A collection of fine vintage stereo equipment
2 miles from Concord BART station
Concord CA
(925) 685-5607
open by appointment only

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We only accept PayPal and/or cash...
For a description, prices and photos of each item, select the appropriate tabs on the left side of this page.  Available gear is updated daily. If you see it shown on the website, it's still available. Text/call/email for information and/or appointments. 
Prices and inventory are subject to change ~ PLEASE READ the information below the inventory list regarding our business philosophy and conditions

We have done our very best... 
Be assured that our equipment has been subjected to hundreds of hours of intensive labor and meticulous detailing involving one or more of the following: repairing, reconditioning, restoration, cleaning, testing and/or whatever else may be needed in order to be able to say everything is in good to very good condition.  
Since there are no warranties or returns on sold items, all we can promise is that the equipment is fully functional and will be completely tested in front of you before any decisions are made to purchase.  


About shipping...  

Obviously we prefer to deal with you in person but we can accommodate global shipping unless the item is extremely fragile or listed as "local pickup only".  Fragile turntables and heavy vintage electronics require great care in packaging for obvious reasons. We are very experienced in professional preparation for shipping simply because we pack things the way we'd like to receive them.  We always take several photos of the packaging process of your item(s) and send them to you prior to shipping.  The goal is to have a happy customer on the receiving end.  We prefer FedEx because they are fastest and their track record for safe handling is well known.   


Consider vintage analog...
During the Late 60's through the very early 80's there was a huge audio market driven by the demand for quality high fidelity stereo gear. But, by the mid to late 80s', the audio industry was moving towards lower quality standards along with digital convenience, so the high priced market was drying up, and manufacturers were lowering costs and building systems that were offering high power but much lower in price. The rack systems were starting to pop up in the early 80's and all of the major mass market manufacturers found new profits in their lower quality high power systems, offering cheap turntables, cassette decks, cd players and digital receivers with graphic equalizers. Customers were under the impression they got a good value for the price, compared earlier to the much higher priced high end systems. The one major drawback was when digital became the standard, quality suffered and could not compare to the quality standards of the high end components of the 1960s and 1970s.  Like that old saying "they don't make 'em like they used to"...

About us...
Cherry Vintage Audio East © (hosted by Albie) started out as a serious hobby dating back to the late 60's...back then, a few vintage pieces eventually became a few hundred by 2014 which led to a storefront on Cherry Avenue in Long Beach CA.  Eventually, within the first year and beyond, word of mouth had spread.  Besides folks in the vast Southern California area, we also had customers coming from hundreds of miles away (Las Vegas, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada).  The decision was made to move from LA to Greenville SC in May of 2017.  We are open daily (no appointment necessary) and also ship globally from our Greenville location.

Cherry Vintage Audio West © (hosted by Eric) is located in *Concord CA with fine upscale vintage audio equipment.  Eric's background includes over 50 years of audio experience and involvement in the areas of custom speaker design, electronics repair and audio systems consulting. Inventory here includes fine name brands such as McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus Faber, Counterpoint, ADS, Sonic Frontiers, Carver, etc.  
More information and inventory (photos/prices/etc) will be coming soon.
Call Eric at (925) 685~5607 for further details and/or appointments. 
*(Concord shop is about 40 miles East of San Francisco and is open by appointment only)  

And also, thanks to Yelp, our reviews were very positive. The good folks that had a pleasant experience at Cherry Vintage Audio and actually took the time to write a review helps to make it all worthwhile.

It wasn't easy to leave the Long Beach area but the decision to move that location to Greenville in May 2017 made sense since we originally lived there for almost 20 years.  The lure of the Carolinas and its lifestyle is hard to resist...

Having worked in the past at Pacific Stereo (Bay Area, late 60's), The House of Music (70's, San Francisco)University Stereo (mid-70's, Southern California) and up through today, we have both been involved in the world of high fidelity for over 50 years. We don't claim to be anything other than those who like the warmth of sound when it comes to analog stereo equipment (or the occasional digital/analog hybrid piece that comes along).  We will never mislead you, lie to you or deal in unethical transactions.


Mid-February East 2018
Mid-February 2018 East (Hafler P-500 amp & Cerwin Vega VS-120 speakers)
Mid-February 2018 West
Mid-February 2018 East
Mid-February 2018 East
Mid-February 2018 West ("Fatman iTube" integrated 30 pin iPod amp 20 WPC kicks butt!)
Mid-February 2018 East
Mid-February 2018 East
Mid-February 2018 East
Mid-February 2018 East
Mid-February 2018 East
"Eric"...always fiddling with the gear at the West shop...
"Albie"...chief cook and bottle washer at the East shop
Cherry Vintage Audio of Greenville SC was originally founded in 2014 in Southern California
Nothing goes unchecked...
Mid-February 2018 East...Optonica SA-5605 (1980) 85 WPC very rare stereo receiver