Stereo Speaker Systems #3

B&W 685
B&W 685
B&W 685

B&W 685with B&W STAV24 stands  (2008)  $500 (one owner, mint)

(includes all original boxes and packing materials)

In 2008, Bowers & Wilkins unveiled their fourth and latest edition of the 600 Series (they were first introduced in the 90's).
Even on its debut, the 600 Series (including the Model 685) swept up 5-star reviews and "Product of the Year" awards for its affordable. audible brilliance.
The 685, in particular, is an excellent stand-alone pair of bookshelf sized speakers.  They defy, and exceed, the rational expectations of what a true audiophile would "expect" from such a relatively small enclosure.
The 685 is a 2-way system that includes a Nautilus tube-loaded aluminum dome tweeter and a Kevlar brand-fiber cone bass/midrange Flowport.
The completely redesigned crossover "tube loaded" network (the same as in their much more expensive and very famous Nautilus systems) included Neodymium magnets that helped to create a tweeter of such high quality that it required only a 1st order filter to produce the full purity of the signal.
The distinctive yellow woven Kevlar cones on the mid/bass drivers and the related components were borrowed from B&W's famous 800 Series.  No compromise here.  Outstanding vocal and bass modes that define the differences between a really good speaker and a really GREAT speaker.
On the rear are the standard four-way, banana bi-ampable binding posts.
The Cherrywood finish on these pristine enclosures is certainly the most desirable and handsome of the available veneers from B&W.
The included B&W STV24 heavy iron stands with their beautiful design are also pristine.
All the original boxes, packing materials and documentation are included in this outstanding setup from B&W. 

&W Rock Solid Monitors

B&W "Rock Solid" Monitors (1992)   $125 stands included

These high quality, audiophile monitors were a group ensure the maximum sound quality for the acoustical engineering they combined the talented engineers from Bowers & Wilkins to handle the interior acoustic build and the award-winning industrial design company of Morten Warren to design the enclosures.  

They were distributed by Rock Solid Sounds in Worthing, England.

The model is simply called "Solid" and they are extraordinary versatile.  

Besides conventional HiFi systems, they are ideal for use with drum machines, or keyboards and, since they are also magnetically shielded, they also make an excellent TV stereo monitor.

These are vented bass enclosures with fourth order alignment with frequency range at 75 Hz to 20 kHz @ 8 ohms.  The bass and mid-range is handled by 3.75" cone drivers, while the top end is competently covered by small, synthetic diaphragm tweeters, fitted with phase plugs to aid dispersion.  The attractive grills are removable. 

The heavy metal enclosures come attached with integrated swivel stands that allow the monitors to be free-standing or bolted to any convenient position, including walls or ceilings. The swivels cover quite a wide arc and, once arranged, the speakers stay in position.  Very cool design!

Thanks to B&W renowned expertise, these are exceptionally smooth sounding monitors giving remarkable stereo imaging.

Suitable for amps from 20-150 watts, their remarkable sound quality (for such physically small units) results from their sensitivity at 90dB (for 2.83 volts) while bass reflex ensures that the response is maintained down to 70 Hz.

They also incorporate a protection device which turns down the input level when the safe power handling is reached.

About B&W...
Bowers & Wilkins, or B&W, is a British company that produces audio equipment, most notably loudspeakers. B&W was founded in 1966 by John Bowers at Worthing, West Sussex, England. Currently, B&W, while still based in Worthing, is part of the B&W Group Ltd., which also includes audio equipment manufacturers Rotel and Classe'.

B&W previously offered a range of electronics, such as amplifiers, under the Aura brand, but it was discontinued in 1997. Other sub-brands were 'John Bowers' for the Active One loudspeaker and preamp and 'Rock Solid' for a lifestyle speaker range. The B&W 'Blue Room' brand for 'Pod' speakers disappeared as these are currently produced and sold by Scandyna.  From 1988 to 1996 B&W ran their own record label.



Epi T/E 100+

Epicure Time/Energy 100+ ('82-'87)  $145

Rarely seen, these 2-way Epicure Time/Energy 100+ speakers are one of the models that was considered a major revamp of the EPI product line for the '80s. 

The 8" woofer cones are made of Lexan, with the foam from the surround extended and laminated behind them.  These also have new foam surrounds.

The 1" "blue ring" tweeters in combination with the 8" drivers in the EPI baffled enclosures are known for their crystal clear highs and the bass is as solid as can be for a great speaker system.

Rated at 15 to 90 watts power handling, they sound great with almost any power source.  

The walnut cabinets and grills are near perfect.

About Epicure (Epi)...
EPI was founded in 1970 by Winslow Burhoe, to manufacture speakers based on the "module" he had designed. This module consisted of an eight inch woofer and a one inch tweeter. Many different speakers were built using various combinations of this module, and a six inch version of the woofer. They were wonderful speakers and are still usually prized by their owners, who will frequently go to great lengths to repair them properly when they (rarely) develop problems.



Genesis FLS G1+

Genesis FLS G1+ (1978)  $135

The 8 ohm, Genesis FLS GI+ system is an eight-inch two-way system with beautiful rosewood veneer enclosures.
The woofers have new foam surrounds and yield a deep and satisfying bottom end.

The 1" concave dome tweeters are set behind metal mesh protective covers and were specially designed for Genesis.  

There is a cult following on the Genesis speakers and they are rare.  

These are in excellent condition and sound just great!  It might be risky to say but, these rival the ADS L520 in overall quality of sound.

The cabinets and grills are near perfect.

Genesis Physics Corporation built speakers for Fred Locke Stereo (FLS) to sell as a "house brand" in the 70's but they are identical to certain Genesis products.FLS was a boutique HiFi shop in the Northeast USA that catered to audiophiles and others looking for more than the usual mainstream stereo gear.