Stereo Speaker Systems #1

These "Honey Pine" speaker stands by Crocker© are some of the largest in the industry.

Custom speaker stands by Crocker©

Did you know that most speakers sound much better when they are placed on the correct size speaker stands?  The improvement in the sound is sometimes astounding!

As the only dealer approved to represent the Crocker© Company, Cherry Vintage Audio is pleased to offer Crocker© custom-built, heavy duty speaker stands built one pair at a time to YOUR specs.  

Tall, medium, short or angled floor style, all with your choice of woods and colors, the Crocker© stands are made to last a lifetime.  

All the stands are built to hold the heaviest of speakers with no worries...ever!

Pricing is based on size and materials with your input determining the final design.

There are NO middleman fees, you will be dealing directly with the designer.  

Contact us for further information.

About Crocker©...

Based in Easley SC, Crocker© woodworking has many years of experience in design and construction of beautiful wood and metal creations.  A love of all things relating to vintage stereo equipment has convinced Crocker© to now offer these unique speaker stands.  They will listen to your input and deliver a finished pair of stands that will allow your speakers to perform the way they were meant to.




TEAC LS-30 (1973)  SOLD

These very rare TEAC LS-30 speakers were handcrafted in Japan and have unique real wood cross lattice grills.  

A two way system, the LS-30 have upgraded 8" woofers with heavy magnets and 2" hyperbolic horn tweeters.  

Extremely efficient and producing rich resonant sound, the LS-30 also has a smooth wide response.  

The horn tweeters in particular yield very wide dispersion of high frequencies.

The cabinets are made of oil-finished walnut (with a few nicks) and they feature the cypress wood grills.  Aesthetically distinctive, the diamond lattice design has superior acoustical properties.

Did we say these were very rare...yes...they are...also very cool.

About TEAC...
TEAC Corporation was originally founded as Tokyo Television Acoustic Company on August 8th, 1953 by two brothers, Katsuma and Tomoma Tani. In 1956 the two brothers founded Tokyo Electronic Acoustic Company, finally merging the two in 1964 to form the modern day TEAC Corporation.
Synonymous with excellence in tape decks and related products, TEAC patented many innovations in the advancement of audio technology.



Acoustic Research Classic Model 6

Acoustic Research Classic Model 6 (1993) $210/pr

The AR Classic Model 6 is probably the most rare of all the AR Classic systems.  Only available in one model year ('93-'94) the Classic High Resolution loudspeaker systems were all built around one of AR's core technology modules, called the Symmetrical Radiation Array (SRA).  

In the Classic Model 6, the SRA consists of three major pieces, one 1" soft-dome tweeter, one 6" midrange driver and, of course, a crossover. 

The SRA places the 6" midrange (or mid-bass) driver above the tweeter in a vertical array, at positions dictated by the highly sophisticated computer designed crossover.  This also provides for bi-wiring / bi-amping at the crossover point from the woofer(s) to the mid-band driver (200 Hz).  

The cone driver used in the Classic Model 6 (like in all the Classic series) features butyl rubber surrounds and is a cast-basket, rather than the more common, and significantly cheaper, pressed steel type. This reduces vibration from the drive unit itself, providing a more stable environment for the moving parts. 

The tweeter is an all-new soft cloth dome design with 1" voice coil with liquid cooling for improved power handling. The same tweeter was used in all AR Classic series speakers, and like all components in all AR systems, was selected only after extensive listening.

The handsome black ash cabinets are heavily braced internally and are finished in high quality real wood veneers.

The Classic Model 6 is fitted with high quality gold plated terminals which will accommodate cables terminated in many forms. They will accept spade lugs, 4mm banana plugs, pin plugs, and bare wire. These are bi-wired with two sets of terminals, linked by a gold plated jumper bar. 

Not exactly efficient, they come alive with at least 45 watts and up.  

Although they are described as bookshelf speakers, we highly recommend a good set of sturdy stands.
How do they sound?  Excellent.  Let your ears confirm that...

About AR (Acoustic Research)...

One of the most revered names in the history high fidelity, AR has been developing innovative solutions to the problems of home music playback since 1954. They've given the world the acoustic suspension woofer, dome midrange and high frequency drive units, and liquid cooled drivers. Each innovation improved music reproduction in a tangible and practical way and evolved direction from two principles: First, the products must set a standard not previously achieved, or they must perform far beyond similarly priced competitors. And second, no matter how advanced the technology may be, music is always the essential purpose and ultimate measure. 



Boston A-70

Boston A-70 Series II (1980) $175/pr 

The Boston A70 has excellent bass and crystal clear highs. 
From the original brochure:
"The slim profile of the A70 not only makes it easier for you to place the speaker unobtrusively in a room; more important from a music lover's point of view, the dimensions of the cabinet minimize unwanted sounds that would ordinarily muddy the stereo picture.  With the use of the famous SEAS drivers, the A70 has a remarkably wide dispersion for a 2-way speaker, which permits the imaging to be stable over a wide listening area. Boston beveled the grille panel around its inner perimeter to minimize early reflections that can blur the stereo image.  As a result, a cabinet of about one cubic foot (28 liters) internal volume was chosen as the most cost-effective solution, with an aspect ratio of front panel size to cabinet depth that research (at the time) by Boston Acoustics indicated would yield the optimum imaging capability."

About Boston Acoustics...
In 1979, Boston Acoustics was founded as a company committed to creating products with superior high fidelity quality and design at a great value. ..Boston was a renowned leader in high-performance loudspeakers, tabletop products, and advanced car audio systems.  In 2005, Snell and Boston Acoustics were purchased by D&M Holdings which also owns Denon, Marantz, and McIntosh. 

Jennings Research Contrara Group Pedestals

Jennings Research Contrara Pedestals (1976)

The initial product line at Jennings Research was called the “Contrara Group”.

These "Contrara Group Pedestals" have twin Audax woofers and single tweeters.

They were second to the top of the line Contrara Elan Pedestal model. 

Other than the very high quality drivers and crossover networks, the most striking thing is their physical appearance: all the Contrara Group pedestal systems feature hand-rubbed, solid dark walnut cabinets with mosaic tops.  This particular pair have the light bronze smoked glass tops.    These pedestal models are heavy, well-braced cabinets mounted on 180 degree swivel bases which is quite unique, to say the least.  There were a few other speaker models, not as well known but still carrying the Jennings Research badges.

They were introduced in the summer of 1975 and the company initially made quite a splash with an advertising campaign in national magazines such as "Popular Science" and the "New Yorker Magazine". The well-designed systems sold well, but, unfortunately, the very high cost of materials and labor, let alone the cost of marketing and sales, put Jennings Research in a precarious position compared to the well-funded competition. 
There was no question the products were excellent but, as happened to so many companies in the crowded high fidelity market, they just couldn't stay afloat.

About Jennings Research...

Jennings Research was based in Los Angeles, California, USA and founded in March, 1975 by Tom Jennings.  Mr Jennings had been the head of marketing for JBL in the late 60’s, early 70’s and was instrumental in the success of the JBL Aquarius series. In a different time he was also CEO of Wald Sound.  As it is with most driven entrepreneurs, Jennings stuck out on his own, brought in a dedicated group of talented associates and made some amazing speakers. 

Occasionally,  Jennings Research speakers turn up for sale but are considered very rare because, generally speaking, they sound VERY good and most audiophiles tend to consider these "keepers".  The company also introduced a line of amplifiers the next year, but they appear to have only been in production for only a couple of years.


Visonik David 80

Heco Visonik David 80​ (Berlin, 1980) $275 (very very rare!)

If you're familiar with the very excellent reputation of the ADS L780 speakers, imagine matching their sonic output in cabinets half the size...that's what you get with the Visonik David 80.

Made by Heco Hennel & Co. KG, the West German company that inspired Miller & Kreisel to include some of the smaller David speakers in the design of their famous "David & Goliath" speaker system, this Visonik David 80 system is absolutely as rare as hen's teeth!  

The 3-way Heco drivers are German made and resemble the same build as Braun/ADS with the same crystal clear sonics of ADS/Braun speakers.  

All the drivers run directly through the crossovers which are hand-wired directly without binding posts as per the factory design.  

Woofers are 6.5" with rubber surrounds, mids are 1.5" and tweeters are 3/4". 
The dark grey, high density, composite, sealed enclosures are a weighty 25 lbs each with rounded corners and perforated metal grills.  

Designed as 4/ 8 ohm impedance with nominal load capabilities of 80 watts @ 4 ohms / 110 watts @ 8 ohms and recommended for use with 35-80 watt amp power, the frequency response(as noted on the model plate) is 28-25000Hz.
As mentioned before, Heco Visonik David speakers are a definite rarity in America and the brand is NOT related to another company using the same name that makes car speakers.

About Visonik David...

The David series from Visonik is a true and exceptional original.  Designed as a sophisticated and high quality miniature loudspeakers they quickly evolved into semi-professional miniature monitors used in studios around the world due to its unique and superior sound quality. 

Whether it be the BBC, ZDF in Germany or JazzRadio Berlin - wherever a high-quality miniature monitor is needed the Visonik David is being used. 

In fact, the small David 50 was the first German loudspeaker to receive the prestigious Japanese Export Product Prize in 1977 during the 6th Japanese Audio Grand Prix for innovative technologies.

In the production of miniature loudspeakers, cabinet design has a decisive major impact on sound quality and accuracy. Often easy-to-bend plastics are used in cabinet construction. Not so at VISONIK. The Davids are robust and neutral in sound due to its stiff aluminum cabinets.
The unique efficiency (SPL) of the David also makes it possible to reach impressive levels in volume with less amplifying power. Built on 25 years of experience in the fields of miniature loudspeakers and subwoofers, the David series are truly special.  Professionals from all over the world have put faith in David miniature monitors.


Pinnacle PN-6+

Pinnacle PN-6+ (1988)  $125/pr

The smaller sibling of the PN-70 is the Pinnacle PN-6+, a smaller bookshelf 2-way, 6 ohm system that is similar in design to most of Pinnacle's superior speaker systems.  

It also features the bass enhancing *"Diaduct" port tubes (one tube per cabinet) that defy standard expectations of bass from smaller enclosures.

The components in the PN6+ include: 

one 6.5" mineral filled poly cone woofer 

one 3/4" magnetic oil-cooled dome tweeter.

The design elements from Pinnacle always includes the distinctive solid oak base and colorful Pinnacle badge.

Grills, cabinets and drivers are in excellent condition.

*The patented Pinnacle "Diaduct" port tube follows a long diagonal path inside the cabinet.  This technique enables the tube to achieve length enough accommodate a wide port opening without suffering the air flow problems inherent to curved or bent tubes.  Additionally, the elliptical mouth opening results in additional powerful, deep bass from such compact enclosures.  As Pinnacle claims: "Our Diaduct system produces the bass of a larger speaker...without the larger speaker."

About Pinnacle...

Family owned since 1976 and still in business today, Pinnacle speakers have carved a highly respected reputation in the crowded field of loudspeaker design.  Their revolutionary Diaduct port system allowed them to design compact systems that produce high quality sound rarely heard in such small enclosures.  Respected magazines such as Stereo Review, Audio, etc have consistently given their products rave reviews.  They are the oldest independently owned and operated speaker company in the USA having been in business continuously, without interruption, since the mid 70's.



Epi MT-1 Microtower

Epi Microtower-1 aka Epicure Model 75 ('73-'74) $175/pr 

The Epicure Microtower speakers were made in the mid-1970s, Three of the models (MT1, MT2 and MT3) were tall, thin columns with bottom vents, intended to be relatively omnidirectional. 
The fourth one (MTB2) shares parts with the others and not much more.  
Some were marked EPI and some Epicure. Each Microtower 1 enclosure has twin 4.5" full range drivers with durable cloth surrounds.  Rated at 5-50 watts, they are very efficient and can do justice with a minimum of power and produce very good, non-fatiguing sound.  Relatively rare, they are a welcome addition to any vintage collection.  Placed correctly, they do put out an omnidirectional sound, as intended.  

Of course, they are a very cool design, especially with the new smoked glass tops and wood bases to reflect the omnidirectional sound smoothly and evenly ...the circular Epi logo screens are similar to a passive radiator although they don't really affect the sound much. This pair was made with a walnut vinyl finish. Some are marked "M-75".  These are the MT-1 version.  Epi badges and grill covers are complete and in good condition.  Overall these are in good shape considering their age.

About Epicure (Epi)...
EPI was founded in 1970 by Winslow Burhoe, to manufacture speakers based on the "module" he had designed. This module consisted of an eight inch woofer and a one inch tweeter. Many different speakers were built using various combinations of this module, and a six inch version of the woofer. They were wonderful speakers and are still usually prized by their owners, who will frequently go to great lengths to repair them properly when they (rarely) develop problems.



XAM 5E (1968) $110/pr

These rare XAM 5E speakers were manufactured by Electro-Voice and sold as a private label model by *EJ Korvette's chain stores back in the late 60's and early 70's.  The real walnut cabinets contain Electro-Voice SP-8 full range 8 ohm, 8" whizzer cones that, running as a pair, sound pretty darn good (considering they are EV drivers, that shouldn't surprise anyone).  Fairly heavy, the cabinets do have some battle scars but the vintage linen cloth grills are intact and look real nice...real vintage stuff!  

*EJ Korvette' s, (also known as Korvette's), was an American department store chain founded in 1948.  Similar to Costco because they had membership cards that got you "big" discounts.  Now defunct, they went so far as to market its own "XAM" brand of speakers (made by Electro-Voice) and stereo receivers / amplifiers (some manufactured by EV, Fisher and Roland Electronics of Japan).  XAM was rumored to be a tribute to the owner's deceased dog, Max. 



ADS L620

a/d/s ADS L620 (1982) $300

a/d/s ADS
 produces some of the best speaker systems that money can buy and the premium L620 system is certainly recognized for their excellence.  

A quick check online will yield rave reviews by just about everybody that has experienced their sound.
Their unique one inch acoustic suspension soft-dome tweeters account for the ultra-clean, "airy" high-frequency response.   

The 1" tweeter soft domes are a super-light fabric-like material with a proprietary "sticky" damping compound and a powerful Barium Ferrite magnet (there's a lot more to describe but suffice to say, the a/d/s tweeters are fantastic!)  

The L620 has 10-inch woofers featuring a/d/s' tapered "Stifflite" cones. (Stifflite is a relatively thick material formed of air-filled, randomly-oriented pulp fiber in a unique "sandwich" construction).  Because of this unique design, a/d/s firmly believed it had the closest thing (at the time) to the ideal woofer cone.  
The 2nd order network crossover components, furthermore, are of the finest quality. Thanks to a/d/s' advanced driver technology, their crossover networks are free of excessive complexity and have the lowest power loss and distortion figures in the industry. 
Finally, the walnut veneer enclosures are precision constructed from 3/4-inch extra-high density particle board with extreme bracing.  

The original perforated bronze metal grills are in pristine condition with original ADS logo badges.  Great stuff! 

There are few minor imperfections on the cabinets but nothing significant.


Impedance: (Nominal) 6Ω (Minimum) 4Ω

Crossover Slope: 12dB/oct  Second Order

Power Rating: (Nominal) 75W (Peak)150W

ADS 200

ADS 200 (1980) $90

Best described as the world’s first miniature loudspeaker, these micro sized ADS 200 are a compact bookshelf system, (a matched air) rated at 4 Ohms / 30 Watts that defy logic when you hear the sound. 
These have the perforated metal grills on enclosures made of heavy non-resonate, cast aluminum metal.  The Acron woofers are especially designed by Braun (Germany) and imported to ADS for final assembly. 
Small in size at 7" x 4.25" x 4.25" yet amazing sound as usual when it has "ADS" stamped on the design.

About a/d/s (Analog & Digital Systems)...

Manufactured components imported since the early 80's from Germany (by Braun) with final assembly in the USA, a/d/s products are of very high quality and have a very detailed sound...suffice to say that anything bearing the ADS name are highly respected speaker systems. ...honestly best described as true audiophile sonics.